The Erosion Control Innovator Continues to Lead

Terra-Mulch® is widely recognized as the leading developer of innovative hydraulic mulches that more effectively stabilize soil, promote more complete seed germination, encourage more rapid plant establishment and help ensure you're not called back to a site for reapplication.

Our legacy of constant innovation includes the introduction of synthetic fibers to add mechanical strength to the mulch matrix, polymers to increase water holding capacity and resins behind the industry’s leading tackifier, ProPlus® Tacking Agent 3®. It also includes a proprietary biostimulant formula to make plant growth more certain.

ProPlus® UltraGro™—for the Ultimate Growing Environment

The latest innovation from the scientists at Terra-Mulch, ProPlus UltraGro is a biostimulant that increases plant growth, even in the harshest conditions and poorest soils. Terra-Mulch offers the industry’s only hydraulic mulches with the added value of UltraGro built in. This biostimulant package is proven to promote seed germination and plant growth while strengthening plant cell wall structure. UltraGro accomplishes the following:

  • Increases root mass to improve nutrient and water uptake.
  • Gives plants greater stress tolerance.
  • Promotes production of naturally occurring hormones.
  • Enhances the top growth of plants to ensure greater overall soil stabilization.
  • Promotes microbial activity in the soil for an improved growing environment.

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